About Us

A desire to never have to work for anybody else.  Ever again.  Ever.  After losing her job in 2010, the founder of Dirtbag Couture enjoyed several months of unemployment benefits.  Realizing that she really doesn't make a good employee, she decided to depart from the workforce and put her "unemployable" qualities to good use!  This idea of a t-shirt company had been lurking in the shadows for quite sometime, but there never seemed to be enough time (or knowledge, for that matter), to get anything rolling. So after deciding that unemployment kicks ass, but realizing that the checks won't come forever, the next best thing is to work for yourself!  After a period of research and procrastination, Dirtbag Couture was born!

To inspire individuality, self expression, and free thinking, while promoting a lifestyle and social movement of rebellion. We aim to provide the threads for this movement, with our quality apparel and kickass design. All we ask of you, is to do what you do! Be loud and proud and look good while you do it!

We had a mission, a goal, a business plan, and a brand, but nothing to sell!  And it was time!  So we pulled out the plastic and charged away!  We bought A LOT of stuff.  Design stuff, silk-screening stuff, t-shirts and stuff, marketing stuff, you get the idea.  And when it was all said and done we had about 200 shirts spread across 4 designs.  It was epic!  Sales started rolling in and shirts started rolling out!!  The response was overwhelming!  But now we needed more designs! So we pulled out the plastic again and re-upped!  After only 3 months up and running, we expanded to 8 designs.

But all of this happened in spite of a huge learning curve.  Having no formal education with graphic design or the programs involved and no experience at all in screen-printing shirts, there was much to learn.  First, we started with the designs.  After spending more time than we care to admit watching tutorials online and playing around with the various programs, we began to create the very beginnings of some of our designs.  It takes some time and effort to get each one just right (damn perfectionism!), but we're starting to finally grasp the design aspect!  Since all of our screen-printing is done in-house, there was another hurdle to overcome.  Again, online tutorials came in helpful, along with a short, Saturday afternoon class.  That first batch of shirts came out with a few 'boo-boos', but how better to learn than by making mistakes and making messes!  All in all, we've come a long way since our humble beginnings.  We have much more to learn and many more mistakes to make, but that's half the fun, right?

T-shirts are a staple in American fashion.  Everybody has at least one.  They are a means of self-expression for millions of people across the world.  There is a growing distrust of big government and the status quo, which is fueled by a need to exercise personal freedom and stand out from the crowd.  Fashion has always been a way to express oneself and the t shirt stands at the forefront of that movement.  At Dirtbag Couture we offer a variety of edgy, original designs. We take pride in finding comfortable, soft, sometimes vintage shirts.  We want you to feel as good in your shirt as you look wearing it!  

Dirtbag Couture is an apparel company with an attitude problem.  But we're more than just a shirt you wear on your back, we're also that chip you carry on your shoulder.  We are in the business of creating an image that advocates for the underdog, the rebel, the free spirit.  We want to inspire people to think for themselves, to stand up for their beliefs, to fight the machine, and to follow their dreams.  Take a look at us!  We are hard proof that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough.  Don't let anybody tell you what to do or push you around.  Fight back!  And ALWAYS: