New. New. New. New.

New website. New shirt designs. New news blog. So many new things!!  Same old dirtbag!!  

We at Dirtbag Couture are excited to launch a new website with new shirt designs!  We are also excited to use this new blog to tell you how excited we are!  We hope that you'll give us your feedback on things, not that we'll do anything about it, but we don't mind you sharing your opinion!!

We've got new marketing schemes coming your way, and when we say schemes, we mean it!  So be on the lookout!  Also our resident music man, DJ Weatherman, is reppin our threads all over Southern Cali, so be on the watch for him!  So much coming up so fast!  We have the holi-daze and all the fixins that come with that! Stay tuned for a t-shirt sweepstakes the likes of Publisher's Clearinghouse can't even match. (LIE)  And then 2012!!!  Woot woot!!  It's goin off, so kick back, buy some shirts, dirtbag it up.  We'll be in touch!

(not bad for a first blog)

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